Accounting Apps for Start-Ups

Since the popularity of cloud computing systems have taken hold of the market, accounting software systems have rapidly changed. It's not as big of a financial commitment to buy software anymore, and packages come in a variety of sizes depending on the company's needs. Start-ups in particular need to get the most for your money, so with the help of Entrepreneur magazine, here are some great accounting apps to piece together your own financial suite.

Square: for processing customer orders. Take payments, track your sales, customize your register, and email receipts.

Freshbooks: track time, log expenses, and invoice your clients.

Chrometa: billing and tracking time.

Wave: integrated accounting and payroll, vacation and benefits tracking, employee portal.

SageOne: simplified accounting, invoicing, and project tracking.

Expensify: simplified expense reports. As your business grows, it's likely you will need to upgrade to a more all encompassing software suite, and either hire a bookkeeper or outside firm to take care of your finances.

For more advice on choosing accounting software, check out the full article from Entrepreneur.

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