The PEX Visa ® Prepaid Card Is a Better Way For Employees To Make Company Purchases

— You Stay In Control of employees' Prepaid
Business Card spending.

Why a Business Prepaid Card?

  • Get money to your staff in less than a minute
    Add funds to employee Visa cards in real time.
  • You’re in Control
    24/7 control of how much employees spend and where they can spend budgets you set.
  • Improve your cash flow
    Save money with no surprise interest charges or overdraft fees -- plus, lower the administrative costs of cash advances and reimbursements.

What Customers Say

"Because we’re a small business that operates in different states, we needed a solution that made it easy for us to get funds to our employees for business expenses. PEX Card was the best option for us. The quality of service stands out and the dedication of PEX Card staff is amazing." – S.A. – Accounting Associate; Non-profit educational association.

The PEX Visa ® Prepaid Card gives you 24/7 control

3 easy ways to use a visa prepaid business card

  • Access to Everything
    Access everything about your company's program and cards, plus keep track of the balance in your funding repository.
  • View All Detailed Transactions
    Click individual names to see all transaction detail.
  • Manage Accounts and Funds
    Add/remove funds to cards, or suspend card use temporarily.
The PEX Visa ® Prepaid Card gives you 24/7 control

Features that allow you to maintain direct control over prepaid card funds:

  • Funds are segregated between a funding repository and card accounts.
  • Real-time electronic card funding.
  • Set zero balances or block cards.
  • Place daily spending limits on cards.
  • Restrict card usage by merchant category.
  • Reporting package details spending by cardholder or in aggregate.
  • Set funding rules per card.

Simplify how you manage employees' prepaid business card purchases:

  • Our easy-to-use administrative website lets you control where and how much your employees spend - all managed in real-time.
  • Make departmental spending more efficient, accelerate available funds for employees and simplify requisitions.
  • Stop acting as the go-between for every purchase with pre-authorized spending rules set per card.

PEX Card account management is simple and efficient:

  • Easy to Use Administrative Tools
    The easy to use administrative tool provides the capability to manage all accounts on-line, in one place, in real-time.
  • Cards can be reloaded.
  • No transaction fees.
  • No deposit fees.
  • Personalized Cards
    Cards are personalized with the cardholder's name.
  • Corporate Funds
    The funds on deposit are corporate funds - not employee-owned.
  • FDIC Insured
    The PEX Card Account is not a bank account, but all funds on deposit are FDIC Insured. They belong to your business until cardholders spend or service fees are posted. Funds can be transferred back to the registered business bank account at any time.
  • Keep Employees on Budget
    Each card has an individual balance, so you can keep employees on budget. The corporate balance is displayed separately from cards.

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