A Better Way for
Businesses to
Manage Cash Flow

Pre-authorize employee spending
with PEX Card
The PEX Visa® Prepaid Card Sign Up Now
PEX Card works similarly to a Visa® debit card – with added features for control over employee spending.
  • Simple admin tools for funding individual cards 24/7
  • Set spending limits and approve specific merchant categories
  • Real-time transaction details and reporting
  • Export transactions to QuickBooks
  • Funds are FDIC insured
  • No transaction or deposit fees

How PEX Card works

  • Enroll
  • Issue
  • Fund
  • Control
  • Use
  • Review

Getting your business started
with PEX is easy

Try PEX Card free for 2 months to see how our
business prepaid card program helps manage
cash flow and streamline employee purchases.

  • An authorized officer of your company (e.g., CEO, CFO, director or president) can complete the enrollment form online or by calling 877-274-3390
  • You will receive an approval notice in approximately 1-3 business days (based on our ability to confirm your application details)
  • No credit score is required since PEX Accounts fund prepaid debit cards
  • Once approved, you will receive Admin access to your PEX Card dashboard

Issue cards to your employees

We know how important it is to keep your business running, so employee card requests are processed immediately. Your employee's personalized PEX Card will arrive within 7-10 days* at your office or the recipient's home address, at your direction.

  • PEX Cards must be activated and funded before the employee can make a purchase
  • No minimum funding required – add and subtract funds as needed
  • Each personalized PEX Visa ® prepaid card has an expiry period of 3 years

*Expedited processing is available for an added fee.

Transfer funds from your bank to your PEX Account

Once you authorize your bank to transfer funds, you can replenish your PEX Card Account any time as needed. And your money is always safe – PEX Accounts are FDIC insured.

  • Schedule regular deposits from your business bank account or replenish your PEX Card Account when funds are required. You can use ACH or Wire tranfers to fund your account
  • Money stays in your PEX Card Account until you dispense funds to employee PEX Cards or fees are charged
  • Unused funds can also be transferred from your PEX Card Account back to your bank

For step-by-step instructions on how to fund your Pex account, click here.

Add money to employee cards in seconds, while maintaining
control on their spending

Manage your PEX Card Admin Account in
real-time from any computer, tablet or through
the FREE PEX Mobile℠ app. By pre-authorizing
spending, you're free from micromanaging every
requisition and can focus on your business.

Customize card profiles to meet your needs:

  • Adjust individual balances
  • Suspend or reactivate card use temporarily
  • Place daily maximums on spending
  • Specify acceptable merchant categories

Sample Admin function: Add $35 to buy supplies, add $600 to fund a business trip or remove the card balance and reallocate funds to another employee's card.

Employees use PEX Cards to make business purchases

With the PEX Visa Prepaid Card, your
employee never has to worry about fronting cash
or tracking receipts. And you don't have to worry
about an employee spending more than approved.

  • Communicate spending profile restrictions so employees know where they're approved to make purchases
  • Balance information and spending profile are available online 24/7 via computer or the FREE PEX Mobile℠ app
  • Minimal training is required – PEX Card works just like a debit card
  • Employees should contact the administrator if modifications are required

Monitor and control spending in real time

Log into your secure PEX Card administrative website to view transaction details, get summary reports, manage cash flow to individual cards, and keep track of your balance.

  • Organize reports by card or on a corporate basis
  • Manage cash flow and prevent overspending with up-to-date transaction details and reporting
  • Download monthly statements and additional reports to help forecast future spending
  • Integrate PEX Card with many of the leading expense management software and apps (e.g. Quickbooks) for a comprehensive budgeting and tracking solution for your business

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