Visa PEX Card Affiliate Program

PEX Card is the leading Visa Prepaid Card for business, helping companies and non-profit organizations throughout the country manage day-to-day expenditures – for items such as travel, supplies and fuel. PEX allows clients to instantly fund employee purchases, while gaining 24/7 control over where and how much employees spend.

The PEX Card affiliate program can help turn your site traffic into new revenues sources. When you direct your online traffic to PEX, we will pay you commissions on each lead you generate for our service.

How to get started

Joining our PEX Card affiliate program is simple. Through our partnership with Linkshare, PEX card affiliates enjoy trusted third-party tracking, real-time reporting, and monthly commission checks.

To get started with the PEX Card affiliate program, please complete this simple application to become a Linkshare Publisher if you are not one already. It is 100% free.

QUESTIONS? Contact us at or 1-877-274-3390


More about our affiliate program

Earnings Opportunity

  • Commission — Earn $30 commission for all valid leads
  • 10 Return Days — you can get credit for PEX Card affiliate leads you generate from the time that customer first came to the PEX site, even if they did not apply initially
  • Frequency of payment — you will be paid monthly for any leads generated in the previous month
  • Additional incentives and bonuses for PEX Card affiliates that generate significant lead volume for PEX — grow in partnership with us and your rewards will grow! We have several private offers already in play with our best affiliates


  • Join the Linkshare Network
  • Promote with text links and/or banners — Many text links and banners to choose from — all easily accessible/downloadable once you are set up on LinkShare
  • Our only restrictions — No bidding on brand terms and a small list of protected keywords in any search engine at this time


More about PEX

Businesses choose PEX because we offer a unique debit card service designed specifically around their needs. With additional control over employee spending, PEX Card offers more flexibility than a traditional prepaid credit card for businesses. PEX Card gives business owners complete control over employee spending.

PEX Card service provides the tools to allow organizations to:

  • Instantly fund employee cards
  • Maintain 24/7 control over where and how much employees spend
  • Block, remove or add funds easily
  • Track employee spending in real time

No preset spending limit or line set by a bank

No credit check — approval is guaranteed as long as applicant can be validated as a legitimate business

Pricing is simple and reasonable

  • $7.50 fee per card per month
  • Free trial period: the per-card fee is waived in the first 2 months
  • $49.95 one-time set up fee for the whole program (not per card)
  • No transaction or card load fees, no overdraft or penalty fees
  • See PEX Card pricing for most up-to-date details


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